JSON Viewer

The JSON Viewer Tool is an online tool that can help developers view and edit JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data easily. It's a great way to quickly and accurately validate, format, and visualize JSON data in a user-friendly interface. The tool is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices.

The JSON Viewer Tool allows users to input their own valid json code as well as browse json files from Github or Visual Studio Code repositories. The tool offers features like syntax highlighting for various languages, automatic indenting of code segments, type-hinting for objects and arrays of any size, folding markers for collapsed code blocks and auto-closing brackets/braces. Other useful features include being able to adjust the font size, using a dark mode theme, and a full-screen mode for when there's more data to view.

The JSON Viewer Tool is available on GitHub and can be used as an extension for Visual Studio Code. This makes it easy for developers to quickly find differences in json files or compare entire objects side-by-side. It also provides features like syntax checking which will indicate any errors before you save the file. The tool saves all of your changes in real time so that you don't have to worry about losing important information while making edits.

Overall, the JSON Viewer Tool offers a great way to easily edit and visualize json data no matter what device or platform you're using. With its user-friendly interface, syntax checking capabilities and real-time saving feature, the JSON Viewer Tool is a must-have for developers who want to quickly and accurately validate, format, and visualize JSON data.


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