Javascript Obfuscator

A JavaScript obfuscator is a tool that makes a JavaScript code difficult to read and understand by humans. It manipulates the source code of a program in order to make it unreadable while still functioning as before. An obfuscator can be used as an effective way to protect intellectual property, or to hide malicious activities such as malware or spyware distributed through scripts. 

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A JavaScript obfuscator online works by encoding the script's text into another non-human readable form, like hexadecimal or any other kind of cipher. This transformation renders the code unreadable for humans but keeps its original meaning intact so that it can still execute correctly. It is even possible for some modern tools to add randomizing features that make it harder for a hacker to reverse the process and recreate the original source code. 

Besides making it hard for hackers to access a script's content, a JavaScript obfuscator can also make debugging more difficult as well. As such, this kind of tool is often used by developers to protect their applications from being tampered with or reverse engineered during development. 

A JavaScript obfuscator decoder is another type of tool that can be used in order to convert obfuscated code back into its original form. It works by decoding the encoded version of the program so that it can be read and understood again by humans. This makes it possible to debug programs written in an obfuscated language without having to decode every line manually. 

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