Javascript DeObfuscator

If you are a web developer, it is likely that at some point, you have encountered malicious code hidden in your JavaScript files. This code can be difficult to track down and remove without the help of a JavaScript deobfuscator tool. A Javascript deobfuscator is a software program designed to decode obfuscated scripts written in JavaScript, making them easier to read and understand. 

The first step towards using a javascript deobfuscator is understanding how it works. Most programs work by scanning through the source code of the script and attempting to identify patterns or keywords that indicate malicious intent. The next step involves removing any unnecessary characters or lines of code that do not add anything meaningful to the script’s execution. Finally, the script is “cleaned up” and made easier to read. 

For those who want to use a javascript deobfuscator on their own, there are several online tools available that can be used to clean up scripts. These include the JavaScript Deobfuscator Online (JDOL) tool, which is available free of charge and allows users to upload an obfuscated script and have it cleaned up in minutes. Alternatively, the open source project JSDetox is also available on Github as a Javascript deobfuscator solution. It is designed to analyze malicious code in order to determine its purpose and behavior, making it easier for developers to identify and remove threats from their websites. 

Whether you choose the JDOL or JSDetox options, using a javascript deobfuscator can help keep malicious code off of your website. By removing the extra characters and lines of code that don’t contribute to the script’s execution, you can make sure your scripts are secure, efficient, and easy to read.  With the right tools at your disposal, cleaning up JavaScript will be a breeze. 

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