HTML Encode

HTML Encode Tool is a free online tool that helps you convert your text into HTML-encoded characters. It is useful when submitting web forms, creating URLs, and writing HTML code. The tool converts all characters in your text that are not recognized as standard HTML entities into encoded values. This makes it so browsers will display them correctly. 

The HTML Encode Tool has a variety of options. You can choose to encode in javascript, php, URL entities or UTF-8. This gives you the flexibility to work with different languages and formats when encoding your text. It also allows you to preserve special characters such as “&”, “<” and “>”.

The HTML Encode Tool will encode characters like foreign language letters, mathematical symbols and other special characters. This allows you to easily create URLs that are properly encoded for browsers to interpret correctly. It also helps protect your web forms from malicious input by encoding the data before it is sent in a submission or query string.

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