HTML Decode

The HTML Decode Tool is an online tool that helps you easily decode HTML code. It works by transforming a string from its encoded form back into its original text format. This is a valuable asset for developers as it simplifies editing and updating web pages with HTML code. 

There are two main methods of decoding HTML: using an online HTML decode tool or manually with a programming language such as JavaScript or PHP. Using an online HTML Decode Tool is the simplest and most efficient option since all that’s required is to copy and paste the encoded string into the text field. The tool will then automatically decode it, displaying your original code on the screen.

Decoding HTML with JavaScript or PHP requires a bit more effort. In JavaScript, you’ll need to use the built-in decodeURIComponent() function to decode an encoded string. Using PHP, you’ll need to call the htmlspecialchars_decode() function, which can also be used for HTML entities like & and <.

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