HTML Beautifier

The HTML Beautifier Tool is a great tool for web designers and developers who need to quickly and easily format their HTML code. It can be used to reformat HTML documents, making them easier to read or debug. This includes indenting elements, adding line breaks after opening tags and before closing tags, and removing unnecessary spaces from within the code. Furthermore, it can also number each line of code; this helps more experienced coders keep track of where they are in their work.

The beauty of the HTML Beautifier Tool is that it allows you to customize how you want your HTML formatted. You can adjust spacing between lines as well as set up an email formatter for ease of reading emails written in html code. In addition, it has a cascading formatting feature which can be used to give your HTML code a uniform look and feel.

Overall, the HTML Beautifier Tool is a great tool for web developers who want to format their HTML quickly and efficiently. Not only does it help make the code easier to read and debug, but it also helps create a consistent styling across all of your work. It's an invaluable tool that comes highly recommended for anyone working with HTML code. 

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