Age Calculator

An age calculator is an online tool used to quickly and accurately calculate a person's age or the time elapsed between two dates. Many age calculators allow users to input their birth date, or start and end dates, to determine the length of time between them. Age calculators come in various forms, including chronological age calculator, age calculator with birthday, etc. 

Chronological age calculator is one of the most common type of age calculators available online. It helps people to find out their exact ages in years, months and days along with other related information such as zodiac sign, Chinese zodiac sign and more. The user needs to input their birth-date on this calculator, which calculates the exact difference between that date and the current date.

The age calculator with birthday is similar to the chronological age calculator, but it provides more detailed information about the user's age in days, hours, minutes and seconds. It also allows users to input two different dates, such as their birth date and wedding anniversary date, and calculate the number of years between them. 

In addition to age calculators, some websites offer other related tools such as a due date calculator, which helps expecting mothers determine when they are due to give birth by entering the first day of their last period. Additionally, many sites offer a life expectancy calculator which estimates how long a person may live based on lifestyle factors such as smoking habits and diet.

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